Golf (Update January 2017)

The Sheffield Team are ticking over at the moment weekly/fortnightly trips to Melville – weather permitting. We will be organizing regular weekend golf for this group – probably at Castle Park once it warms up a few degrees. Need to get a schedule written out – depending on who is available & when.

Having been out at Melville in the evening – there is not a lot of pleasure being there in the evenings (at the moment). It is bitterly cold – we will probably give it another few weeks before recommencing sessions.

The Fife Open Entry Forms came in last week & were forwarded to all our golfers for completion. This is the one competition where players/parents fill in the form & enter themselves. Due to work commitments of our players – it may be a very small representation from Lothian this year.

The Highland Open (9th to 11th June), rooms have been booked in Inverness for the Friday to Sunday - for the players, coaches/ parents making the trip.



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